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His Darkest Deceit

His Darkest Deceit

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"This book made me want to duct tape you to your computer chair and force you to write while I watched like a literary voyeur. You are a cruel, evil genius, woman!!!!" ~USA Today bestselling author KD Robichaux

Main Tropes

  • Omegaverse Reimagined
  • Compelled Breeding
  • Prehensile Cocks
  • Knotting, Swelling
  • Sexy. Dark, Yet Sweet
  • Abuse of Power
  • A Kind, Determined Heroine
  • A Powerful And Relentless Hero
  • Age Gap
  • Possessive Hero
  • Love Conquers All
  • A Fulfilling HEA


Unveil the secrets of a forbidden love in this scintillating tale of desire, danger, and dominance.

General Cyderial, a mastermind of control, has meticulously shielded young Lorieyn from a truth she cannot fathom – that she is his coveted jewel, his treasure, his mate.

And no other male may have her. Not so long as he can keep her existence secret. Not so long as he can keep her locked away within academy walls until she is old enough to claim.

Knowing nothing but a difficult rearing, Lorieyn longs for a freedom the cold-blooded general can never allow. To let her out of her cage is to invite attention from rivals, insatiable males unrestricted from claiming a female before she comes of age.

Men who take with violence and greed.

Yet, Lorieyn discovers the general’s true intentions—his longing, a vicious craving that transcends the confines of duty, his dangerous obsession—in an attempt to escape his control.

Passion clashes with duty, and dominance meets resistance. General Cyderial, no longer content with clandestine cravings, steps into the open to claim what has always been his.

Dive into a world where love is a dangerous game, and surrender is the ultimate victory. His Darkest Deceit, book one in the Insatiable Instinct duet, will leave you breathlessly in love.

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