Collection: Alpha's Claim

At the mercy of a jealous, possessive villain, gentle Claire begs her city’s savage conqueror to save the vulnerable Omega females from the violence his soldiers have inspired. Not only does Shepherd refuse her, he takes the desperate and rare Omega woman for his own.

Embark on a scorching journey into a world where an Alpha's insatiable hunger ignites a tale of passion and peril. Her glittering city brought to its knees, Claire finds herself entangled in a dangerous dance where she must find a way to save her people and break free from the clutches of a beast who yearns to claim her as his mate.

One who has sworn that he can make her love him.

Will Claire succumb to the Alpha's overpowering need, or will she rise against the darkness that threatens to consume her? Dive into the pages of this sizzling tale where love and danger entwine, and the battle for freedom is waged from the shadows.