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Addison Cain's writing blows me away each time!” NYT Bestselling author Anna Zaires

 I sold my soul to win her.

Main Tropes

  • Coerced Breeding
  • Dark Romance
  • Dubious Consent
  • Enemies to Lovers
  • Vampires
  • Delicious Depravity
  • HEA
  • Love Conquers All
  • Possessive, Obsessive


I sold my soul to win her.

First to her devil of a father, then to the true devil himself. The price exacted nothing less than eternal fealty. A boon I’d gladly relinquish a thousand times over to possess the love of my dark Princess.

Though she may hate me. Though my desire chars my bones black. I will love her forever.

Virginal, devious, cruel, kind, she’s desperate for freedom. Used, wounded, coddled, and spoiled—the only immortal who can walk in the sun—will be mine.

So long as I can remove her father from his ancient throne and place something far worse upon that seat of power.

Intro into Chapter 1

I have a taste for fine red wine.

Elusive, decadent. It pours down one’s throat with all the richness of desire. It can even be thick on the tongue. But it’s nothing to the drenched, pervasive cream that smeared over my lips.

Blue-blooded and smug as smog, Ethan knew this as he stood beside my bed, stroking his cock while I hummed appreciation at my surprise.

He wanted me to taste him… dripping from another.

And that’s how I found myself awoken from slumber. The smoothly waxed lower lips of a pretty female, caressing my smile.

The slip and glide as she performed exactly as Ethan must have instructed, teased me to take a lick. Labia puffy from a recent fucking, the tang of female lubrication churned creamy by male ejaculate.

She smelled like life that I was only too happy to let pour down my throat.

Opening my mouth, I dragged the flat of my tongue through the mess. Hooking it so I might catch his cum all in a glob for Ethan’s unwavering stare to absorb as he rubbed new life into his recently spent cock.

Salty, an exclusively human bleach-like tang. I knew his taste well.

One might consider me a sexual deviant, the way I rolled his flavor around on my tongue. How I swallowed before grabbing the globes of the offered treat’s ass to move her where I would.

Though she enjoyed my exuberance, this act was not about her gratification. It was about mine. Twisting my tongue through her folds as her legs shook from the pleasure, seeking flavor and lingering juices, I devoured.

As if I never need come up for air.

I didn’t.

I could hold my breath for hours. Days even.

Which gave me all the time in the world to dig my tongue into her cunt and scoop out the remainder of my prize. Her toned ass, clenched in my hands, bore the sharper edges of my nails, as I took so much more than I gave.

Even so, even though the sensation was too much, rubbing her clit on my nose, she came.

The noises, the squeaks and squawks, the honesty of them, excited me.

So I spread my thighs so Ethan might see.

Thinking he was king of the world, he climbed between them, his heartbeat fast and loud. “God, Jade, you two are fucking hot together!”

It must have been near noon, for I could feel the sun cut through the floor to ceiling windows my penthouse afforded, overlooking the city’s most exclusive view. The weight of that direct light danced on my pale skin, the unseen pain I was an expert at concealing bleeding together with the impatient stab of a cockhead through my slit.

I sleeved him, wrapped around his turgid length, and bore down in a way the delicious snack riding my face never could. He fought me to remain seated, jerking his meat through the clamp of a satin-coated cunt.

Knees braced to black silk, a bruising grip on my splayed thighs, I didn’t need to see him to know the vision before me. Sweat dampening his blond hair, leaving it to hang in his eyes as his lips parted in a blissed-out groan, Ethan strained. He strained to fuck a hole so tight I’d forced him out before his balls might slap my ass.

“God damn…” Equal parts frustration and awe, he bullied his way back inside. Half-seated, he landed a slap on my clit as if to punish the teasing cunt he did so love to conquer. The sting did its work. My muscles jumped just enough that he gained an inch.

The throaty noise of victory made me smile against the woman too sensitive and no longer interested in my mouth. Not that she would ever say so aloud. Whoever might have the fun of playing third to our duet knew that they had a body, and it was here for our use.

Complain, and be easily replaced by the next pretty blonde who caught Ethan’s eye.

So she tolerated my nips and licks, how I gasped against her when my lover’s thumbs pulled the pretty hood of skin away from my clitoris. Threatening me with excessive pleasure, Ethan hissed, “Let me in, Jade.”

I softened just enough for him to sink another inch, rippling around his girth in an ancient tease.

The pad of his pointer finger rubbed my exposed clit with the perfect pressure to trick my body into surrender. Just like that, straining and bucking, manic hips between creamy thighs, I was fucked for breakfast.

When I’d tossed the girl away, forgetting she panted at my side while I made frenzied love to Ethan, I couldn’t say. One moment we played with her, the next we did not.

Because it was never about whoever else we brought into our bed. They were a garnish, unmemorable.

That wasn’t because we were cruel. Ethan for all his failings, was a nice guy. I, despite my heritage, never hurt them.

“I love you, Jade.” Delivered with perfect timing, Ethan, believing his proclamation was true, got what he wanted.

Eye’s rolling back, his cock expanding with imminent release, my lover enjoyed his second orgasm of the day. One my own climax drove past the pale as my internal muscles twisted tight, released, cramped, and fought to expel him.

“Oh my god! Oh my god!” Face the very image of ruin, Ethan threw back his head. The following animal whine, the way he swayed as if on the brink of a faint, it led me to be merciful.

Again I opened, the seed I’d choked off from bursting down its tube allowed to splash against my womb.

Falling to his hands, forehead to mine, he panted through the following waves of euphoria, while I cooed in his ear and ran a comforting caress down his spine.

“I fucking love you, Jade.”

Melting into the mattress, my mind wandered through ecstasy and pain. The sun had climbed higher; soon I’d be forced to move. But for now, the hidden cameras needed to see.

I had done my duty for the day.

Though it was permitted, there was no expectation that I come. My orders were only to be seeded.


Which made it doubly lovely that I had gotten this reproductive requirement out of the way so early in my schedule. Perhaps I’d even partake again later instead of leaving Ethan to play with his latest toy, should the mood strike him to get his dick wet.

Warm weight of toned male flesh sliding off my body, Ethan stood with a sheepish smile. After taking my fingers to kiss with adoration, he sauntered off to the bathroom to shower.

Eventually his father would require him to show up at corporate HQ and make an official appearance. Dashing smile, suit immaculate, and model beautiful, he’d be expected to do nothing more than saunter in and fuck around at his computer for an hour or two. I imagine he spent it playing Candy Crush or dallying with the prettier girls in the building.

Entitlement at its polished finest. That was my darling Ethan Parker.

“I’m going to join him.” Despite the aneurism-inducing orgasm I’d given her, it seemed the girl at my side had collected herself. Standing on shapely tan legs, she meandered towards the ensuite’s steaming shower and the man whistling inside it.

Arms stretched overhead, I enjoyed the zippering pops of my spine. “You do that.”

Throwing me a smile over her shoulder, she blew me a kiss.

What was her name? Polly?

Vaguely remembering some Polly wants a cracker reference, I couldn’t recall if this blonde was Polly or if the last blonde had been Polly. Jenny?


No, not Sam. Sam had been the curly-haired Venus from last winter.

They all ran together. They all giggled the same, pouted the same, and sported the large gravity defying breasts Ethan had an eye for.

God bless the surgeons who gave those pretty, carefree girls such perfect tits...

For God sure as fuck never blessed me.

And I’m not talking about breasts. My breasts were lovely.

I was stunning, in fact. Dark hair, porcelain skin, designed to draw adoration and attention.

Wealth? I had more money than any man could spend in a lifetime.

But I was not favored by God, and never would be.

After all, I was the child of Lucifer.

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